Pygmies Hoglet 1.0


Let's travel with a hoglet.

[From the Manufacturer]
- Pygmies-Hoglet is one of Pygmy series. This Hoglet is the first edition. We want you to remember old classic game. Try this one.

- Little hoglet was so lonely.
He had no friend but the extensive field.
He started to move forward to seek someone spiky.
Welcome to Pygmies world!

[Key Game Features]
- Raise hoglet by your self.
- Fun and experience with lots of events.
- Travel to new town.

1.When Hoglet is dead, what can I do?
If he doesn't eat food for long time, he starves and dies like a real animal.

2.How Can I give him food?
Touch the bag at the bottom of the left. Food inventory will be shown. Press one of food and 'EAT' button.

3.How can I grow his ability?
Hoglet will grow with 'EXP beads' gained through game by distributing to each of the stats.
He can obtain EXP point, If he eats food or wins the battle.
Stamina (HP) and attack (AT) are growing at 1 per 3 beads of the EXP, and agility (DX) is growing at 1 per 5 beads. However, DX of 30 is the maximum.

4.Please tell me how to change the Hoglet body.
When you touch the HP Gauge, Profile screen will appear. You can see 'days' At this point in the upper right. If Days is more than 1 or 2 and 4 or 5, Hoglet will be changed.

5.Whis is Medal ? How can I mount it?
Medal is an item that helps you to battle. You can get its effect, when you 'mount' it, not for possession.
Press the bag went into inventory screen.
Then click medal. The medal mounting UI comes up on the bottom.
At this point, double-click or by touching EQUIP at the bottom right, medal can be mounted. As Hoglet is growing up, the lock on the display UI is freed.

6.What is the type of Medal and usage?
Medal is divided into two types. One underlying PASSIVE (PAS) Medal, and used in direct combat ACTIVE (ACT) Medal.
Mounting the PAS Medal, you can get an effect immediately. Also it does not require a separate control.
ACT medals in combat, you don't get any effects, if you don't touch ACT Medal.
Whenever you use ACT medals will consume a certain amount of FP.

7.I still do not fight! If you got, what I can do?
When you are in battle, you look at the shape of an exclamation point {!}.
If you press this, hoglet laying visibility can be found to defend.
At this time, Damage the enemy is 1/2. In addition, damage hoglet about 1 / 10 damage will give them an enemy counterattack.
Depending on how strong the hoglet will defeat the enemy. Even if a weak state, no matter how well done, I never beat a strong enemy.

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